Lashida's Photo Gallery - Pictures from Tatooine

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Lashida lives in the City of Kantara on Tatooine, so it is only natural that I spend most of my time there. Therefore I have created this page for all the pictures depicting its landscape.

Click on each picture to view a larger version of it (800x600 pixels).

Two Imperial Star Destroyers in orbit are clearly visible in the Tatooinean night sky.

Face to face with a Bomarr Monk, and the spidery droid that carries it.

Passing through Mos Taike, a beautiful village on Tatooine. The small settlement lacks a shuttle port so it does not attract many visitors.

The tall towers of Mos Taike seen from a distance.

Admiring the new red-and-yellow paint job on my swoop bike near the Mos Entha shuttleport.

An old and broken surgical droid leans against the wall of the Mos Entha medical center.

Here I am riding my trusty mount Carrie through the flowing terrain of the Western Dune sea.

A close-up of Carrie and myself in the evening sun. Just marvel at those pretty wind-blown ripples in the sand!

A huge skeleton of an unknown denizen of the Western Dune Sea. Sure doesn't look like a Krayt to me...

Engaging a Squill with my trusty Republic Blaster - the other Squill is already lying face-down in the backgaround.

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