Lashida's Photo Gallery

This is a collection of some of my favorite pictures which I took on my travels through the world of Star Wars: Galaxies. Enjoy!

Due to the fact that I spend most of my time on Tatooine, there is a special Gallery just for Pictures from Tatooine.

Click on each picture to view a larger version of it (800x600 pixels).

Watching the gas giant Yavin rise above the horizon of Yavin 4.

My Speeder Bike carries me safely through the desert night.

The battle lighting inside a headquarter casts an eerie red glow on the white armor of a Stormtrooper.

Inside the engineering control room of the Corellian Corvette. Damiosh, Vihoild Jorto and I examine the Battle Droids below.

North of the Imperial Outpost on Talus lies the wreckage of an AT-AT. I feel very small compared to this hulk of metal.

A TIE Bomber has crashed near the AT-AT (which you can see in the background).

Yavin 4 is probably my favorite planet. Sparsely populated, and covered by dense forests alternating with lush green meadows.

Razek Vakven and Lashida wait for a starship to take them home beneath the great trees surrounding the Yavin 4 Mining Outpost.

On a hunting trip with Cyrha on the plains west of Tyrena on Corellia.

After the hunt, Cyrha and I enjoy a moment of rest on the famous Golden Beaches.

This escape pod has crashed on the golden beaches of Corellia.

A weird and gnarled tree in the middle of a plain of Dathomir. I wonder what the writing on those strange banners hanging from its branches means.

Lashida and Krayton Durell, ready for combat in the steets of Kantara City. He's taller kneeling than I am standing :)

The Sphinx Bounty Hunters assemble for a group photo in front of their guild hall in Kantara.

A very tired Lashida longing for a good night's sleep :)

Most people don't like the way Rodians look, but this female is kind of pretty, I think.

Accepting orders from an Imperial officer.

"Hmm, I wonder, how exactly am I going to carry them out?"

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